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Hair loss affects both men and women, and because thinning hair can seriously impact your confidence and self-esteem, it’s important to get started on treatment early on. With her expertise as a board-certified dermatologist, Edidiong Kaminska, MD, MBS, of Kaminska Dermatology provides cutting-edge PRP for hair loss treatments right in her Lakeview, Chicago-based clinic. Start your path to a fuller head of hair by booking a consultation through the website or by calling to speak with a team member directly.

PRP for Hair Loss Q & A

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss, medically known as alopecia, often runs in families. But there are a number of other factors that lead to hair loss, too. You may experience thinning hair due to:

  • Severe illness 
  • Thyroid disease
  • Iron deficiency (anemia)
  • Natural effects of aging 
  • Hormonal changes, as with pregnancy or menopause

Your diet could be to blame as well. For instance, if you’re on a strict diet or don’t get enough protein, your hair might not be getting the nutrients it needs to grow. In a case like this, your hair may fall out more easily, and when it does, it just doesn’t grow back or doesn’t grow back as thick. 

When is it time to see a dermatologist for hair loss?

It’s normal to lose about 100 hairs each day. But if you’re losing clumps of hair, it’s important to come into Kaminska Dermatology as soon as possible. Dr. Kaminska encourages you to come in if you notice:

  • Redness or itchiness on your scalp
  • Balding or thinning patches
  • Receding hairline 

The sooner you get started on a hair loss treatment, the easier it is to prevent further hair loss and restore your full head of hair. 

Can I get treatment for hair loss?

Yes! At Kaminska Dermatology, you can undergo innovative hair restoration treatments with the revolutionary RegenLab® platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. PRP for hair loss involves taking just a small sample of blood and preparing it with RegenKit®. 

After the system separates your platelets and activates growth factors, the solution — your PRP — is ready for injection. Dr. Kaminska injects your PRP into several key locations on your scalp.

Components in your PRP, such as growth factors, promote blood flow to the area and help delicate hair follicles get the nutrients they need to grow. Dr. Kaminska typically recommends at least three monthly PRP sessions to effectively stimulate your hair growth. Then to prevent future hair loss, you should visit Kaminska Dermatology two or three times a year for maintenance PRP treatments.

To further help promote hair growth, Dr. Kaminska also provides Nutrafol® and Viviscal™ supplements in the office. These highly effective supplements have been clinically proven to help your hair grow fast and prevent ongoing issues with hair loss. 

Before your hair loss progresses any further, book an evaluation at Kaminska Dermatology. Use the online booking tool, or call to schedule over the phone. 

Individual results may vary. 

"Many new moms see noticeable hair loss a few months after having a baby. This is normal — and not true hair loss. Dermatologists refer to this condition as excessive hair shedding. The excessive shedding is caused by falling estrogen levels. If the excessive hair shedding bothers you, these tips from dermatologists can help until your hair regains its normal fullness."

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